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Patrick Ryan, PAAW President
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February 27, 2015

Call to Action:  Permanent Medicare Ambulance Relief

The American Ambulance Association is requesting industry support with sending your members of Congress letters in support of cosponsoring H.R. 745 and S. 377 by accessing the AAA online letter writing tool.  A sample letter is already preloaded and the tool will automatically determine your members of Congress and send them your letters.  It is easy to use and will only take a few minutes.

The Medicare Ambulance Access, Fraud Prevention and Reform ActH.R. 745 and S. 377 would make the current temporary Medicare increases of 2% urban, 3% rural and the super rural bonus payment permanent.  Participants should also ask their members of Congress to support an extension of the increases, which expire on March 31. 

February 25, 2015

PAAW to debut "Wisconsin EMS Live" on March 10

A Live Internet and Call In Radio Style Show

The Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin is pleased to announce it will debut its newest digital media program, Wisconsin EMS Live, on Tuesday March 10, starting at 9:00 a.m. central time.

Wisconsin EMS Live is an internet radio program that can be heard live on the internet or by calling in the second Tuesday each month starting at 9:00 a.m. central time, and when important news breaks. 

The program is dedicated to discussing EMS in Wisconsin that offers information, perspective and clarity.  Persons can listen to the live program on any internet connected device, or by calling into the show to listen only or ask a question of the co-hosts or guests.  Each show is recorded, so if you miss the live broadcast you can always listen to a previous episode on-demand.

According to PAAW Executive Director Joe Covelli, “The past four years we’ve produced a recorded webcast, called EMS to the Point.  The program has done well with over 50 episodes and more than 30,000 downloads".  He added, “One element was missing however – interaction with the listener.  Wisconsin EMS Live changes that by involving hosts, guests and listeners with live call in or chat capabilities”.

Four co-hosts will provide the show’s dialog, to include:  Chris Anderson, Operations Director, Bell Ambulance, Milwaukee; Joe Covelli, Executive Director, Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin; Patrick Ryan, President, Ryan Brothers Ambulance, Madison; and Dan Williams, Director, Emergency Services of Door County, Sturgeon Bay.

The March 10 debut is scheduled to run from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. central time and is dedicated to discussing Community Paramedine.  CP, or Mobile Integrated Healthcare as it is also referred, is a conversation building attention and momentum, especially with system models suddenly popping up and being tested in Wisconsin by some departments.  In addition, the program will include conversations with EMS Advisory Board Chairman Jerry Biggart and EMS leadership expert John Becknell.

The dial in number to listen only or speak with the co-hosts is 646-929-1081.  You can also listen or chat in questions via any internet connected device. 

For more information, go to www.PAAW.us/wisconsinemslive.

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February 24, 2015

Mobile Healthcare:  West Allis Fire Dept. Home Visits Proving Successful

Fire departments across Milwaukee have started making home visits to patients as part of what is turning out to be a successful community paramedicine program.

West Allis is one of the five departments in the county involved in the program designed to prevent patients from frequently calling 911 for problems that can be better handled with improved care, CBS 58 reports.

The department makes home visits to 29 patients. In 2013, those patients accounted for 857 911 calls, 596 ER visits and 571 ambulance unit hours. Since starting the home visit program in January 2015, none of the patients have called 911.

After 90 days, the department plans to review the results of the program.

Source: CBS 58 Milwaukee

February 19, 2015

Elimination Averted for Governor Appointed EMS Advisory Board

By Jerry Biggart, Chairman, Wisconsin EMS Advisory Board

The members of the Governor appointed EMS Advisory Board were shocked to learn the Board was slated for elimination due to being inactive for the last year. The record reflected that we met and worked diligently at every meeting that was scheduled. On behalf of the Board I formally communicated with Department of Health Services, Department of Administration, and the Governor’s Office, in addition to the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin, and Wisconsin EMS Association leadership sending a unified message that elimination of the EMS Board would be detrimental to the State, its citizens, and the EMS stakeholders.
I believe that the Governor and the citizens can be proud of the diversity, effectiveness, dedication, unimpeachable integrity, and expert consultation provided by the EMS Board volunteers that he has appointed. The EMS Board applauds the Governor for removing the recommendation to eliminate the Board prior to the initial budget being released. The Board will seek modifications with the Department of Health to ensure that this debate isn’t repeated moving forward.
This coordinated effort is an example, from a growing list of examples, where EMS advocates representing all EMS providers in Wisconsin, worked together with one unified voice. EMS stakeholder representation is stronger than it’s ever been, and with this renewed spirit of cooperation we will continue to achieve great things.

February 18, 2015

Bringing EMS to West Africa

For a lot of EMS providers, it’s difficult to imagine an entire country not having a single ambulance. But until August 2014 that was a reality in the West African nation of Burkina Faso.

Now, after not having a single ambulance to serve its population of 17 million until a few months ago, Burkina Faso, a country about the size of Colorado, will soon be receiving a second, thanks to a donation from Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service, based in Madison, WI, in December.

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February 18, 2015

Newest Webcast -  Raising the Bar:  A Medical Director's Quality Improvement Initiatives

Guest:  Dr. Steve Stroman, Medical Director at Eagle III, Oshkosh Fire, DePere Fire and Rescue, and Oconto Falls Area Ambulance

Over the years, I’ve seen local ambulance service medical directors engaged in policy, procedures, trainings, and quality improvement projects.  Unfortunately, we have medical directors at the other end of the spectrum who are never seen and their name not known by the people working under their MD license.

When Dr. Steve Stroman from the Green Bay area stood up at last September’s Paramedic Systems of Wisconsin Conference and rattled off over six or seven major initiatives they completed for the year, I listened in amazement.  In this webcast Dr. Stroman offers some great ideas from the medical director’s perspective, and projects they’ve recently completed that you can easily pick up on and do the same.

Topics covered, include:

  • Identifying gaps in protocols, process and delivery
  • Intra nasal medications
  • Use of ketamine
  • Spinal protection procedures (not immobilization), cost savings
  • Airway video laryngoscopy
  • Cyanide toxicity kit
  • Physician oversight at scene calls
  • 15 lead EKGs

There’s someth
ing to be learned in this webcast.  It’s more than what’s being done, but also what you can do with some effort and collaboration.  EMS departments often strive or boast to be the best.  Proof is in your system’s performance and your next great initiative.  The ideas shared in this webcast can be a good conversation starter. 

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Raising the Bar:  A Medical Director's Quality Improvement Initiatives

(Posted 2/18/15 - Run Time 18 min:18 sec)


Dr. Steve Stroman
Medical Director
Eagle III, DePere Fire, Oshkosh Fire, Oconto Falls Ambulance

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