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August 20, 2014

Resource Utilization and Deployment

New Community Paramedicine:  Funding Made the Difference

Austin-Travis County EMS in Texas recently started a Community Paramedicine Program.  EMS Director Ernie Rodriguez and others speak about the new system, $186,000 in grant funding that made it possible, and the intended benefits to such a system. 

Rodriquez is a past PSOW conference speaker and contributor to PAAW webcasts.

July 23, 2014

EMT Documentation

Beneficiary Signature Requirement - Positive Change

By David M. Werfel, Attorney, American Ambulance Association

When the patient is unable to sign the form requesting payment and authorizing the release of records due to a physical or mental condition, the request may be executed on their behalf by a legal guardian, relative, representative payee or representative of an institution providing care.
Until now, the person signing on behalf of the patient was required to also list their name, address, relationship to the patient and reason the patient could not sign.

Over two years ago, I asked CMS to remove the requirement of the address, when one of the Medicare Administrative Contractors (WPS) notified ambulance suppliers the address was required.  The requirement of the address of the person signing on behalf of the patient was impractical as there was no space on the 1500 form for it, no field for it on electronic claims, it was not required in the CMS Regulation (42 C.F.R. 424.36) and the industry would usually not be able to obtain it.

After many follow-ups, CMS has removed the requirement in Transmittal 2984.

Link to transmittal: Regulations-and-Guidance/ Guidance/Transmittals/ Downloads/R2984CP.pdf

In sum, the address of the person signing on behalf of the patient is no longer needed.

July 8, 2014

Wisconsin Looking to Establish STEMI System

When Wisconsin’s Trauma Care System received its initial funding nearly 10 years ago, it was a grassroots effort in sheer determination and the right legislative backing.  That same spirit and determination is beginning to build at the State Capitol, but this time the word “Trauma” has been replaced with “STEMI”.


As an EMS provider, you never forget the first time you’ve rushed your patient directly from the hospital ambulance bay to the Cath Lab, only minutes later to see dye being injected to locate blockage around the heart.  STEMI is probably one of the most closely tracked EMS to hospital events there is – and with good reason.


The State of Wisconsin is looking to establish a STEMI system similar to the one put in place for Trauma.


The effort began June 26th when Wisconsin State Assembly Representative Paul R. Tittl invited stakeholder groups, associations, hospital representatives and two leading air medical providers to the State Capitol.


Following the meeting, Rep. Tittl offered these comments, “Most people do not think much about heart attacks until they have one.  At that moment they are dependent on those who will get them to a facility where they can get the help they need.  Those who understand STEMI know that every second counts – minutes mean (heart) muscle.” 


“I appreciated the discussion that took place at the meeting and look forward to working together to see if there is anything we can do collectively to improve the system of care for people suffering a STEMI.”


“Our next session is scheduled for early November.  We hope to be able to look at some STEMI related data and statistics that will be helpful as we further discuss this issue.”


In attendance was PAAW President Patrick Ryan who shared, “Rep. Tittl has assembled an esteemed group of stakeholders who represent a broad cross section of healthcare in the State.  Together, I am confident that strong ideas will be developed that will greatly strengthen the STEMI system in Wisconsin.  I personal would like to thank Rep. Tittl for his work on this topic and look forward to collaborating with the professional stakeholders who have committed to contributing to the task at hand.  Ultimately, this will lead to better patient outcomes throughout Wisconsin.”

July 8, 2014

PAAW Organizes Meeting with Dept. of Health,  Conversation Productive

By Patrick Ryan, President, Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin

Representatives from the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin, State EMS Advisory Board, Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin and Wisconsin EMS Association met July 3rd with officials from the Wisconsin Department of Health (DHS).

We had a very candid and positive meeting with Kevin Moore, Deputy Secretary of DHS, and Karen McKeown, Administrator for the Division of Public Health. The meeting was beneficial in terms of moving the dialogue forward regarding the needs of EMS in the state.  I am confident it will result in engaging and collaborative communications on multiple levels in the future.

The group is already working to schedule a follow up meeting for general discussions on EMS in October.

June 24, 2014

PAAW Appoints ACA Attorney as Consultant

The Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin Board of Directors is pleased to announce they have recently appointed attorney Thomas Shorter as their consultant on health care matters, to include the Affordable Care Act.  Mr. Shorter is with the firm Godfrey & Kahn in Madison. 


According to PAAW President Patrick Ryan, “Mr. Shorter is highly regarded for his health care knowledge and awareness to ACA.  We look forward to his expertise as we anticipate many questions about ACA and navigating it both as healthcare providers and as EMS employers.  Having this relationship in place will help the Association, its members and other ambulance services that need a resource to consult.”


Mr. Shorter added, “We greatly value our new relationship with PAAW.  Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) the United States is rapidly moving towards more alignment of all health care providers, both clinically and economically.  Ambulance service providers are a critical element of the system, and often the entry-point into the system.  Our expertise in health care and corporate law allows us to partner with PAAW and its members to address the legal issues in the evolving healthcare landscape.  We look forward to a long and relationship with PAAW.”


Mr. Shorter was also recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the American Health Lawyers Association, which is the largest national health law association in the US. 

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