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Board & Leadership

PAAW Board of Directors

January - December 2014


President - Patrick Ryan

Vice President - Larry Knuth

Secretary - Chris Anderson

Treasurer - Jack Hill

Board Members (*Officers)

Government / Municipal Ambulance Services

Dana Sechler, EMS Chief / Director, Baraboo District Ambulance, Baraboo, WI (Term:  2012 - 2014) - Email

Don Knutson, Director, Colfax Rescue, Colfax, WI (Term:  2013 - 2015) - Email

Mark Fredrickson, Operations Director, Brillion Ambulance, Brillion, WI (Term:  2014 - 2016) - Email

For Profit Ambulance Services

*Larry Knuth, Vice President, Paratech Ambulance, Milwaukee, WI (Term:  2012 - 2014) - Email

*Patrick Ryan, President, Ryan Brothers Ambulance, Madison, WI (Term:  2013 - 2015) - Email

*Chris Anderson, Operations Director, Bell Ambulance, Milwaukee, WI (Term:  2014 - 2016) - Email

Not-For-Profit / Nonprofit Ambulance Services

Jon Erdman, Director of EMS & Emergency Planning, Divine Savior EMS, Portage, WI (Term:  2012 - 2014) - Email

*Jack Hill, Executive Director, Gold Cross Ambulance Service - Fox Valley, Menasha, WI (Term:  2013 - 2015) - Email

Tom Tornstrom, Executive Director, Tri-State Ambulance, La Crosse, WI (Term:  2014 - 2016) - Email


PAAW Leadership

Joe Covelli, Executive Director, Phone 414-236-4192, Email

Mark Westfall, MD, Medical Director Consultant, Email

Attorney Thomas Shorter, Godfrey & Kahn Law Firm, Madison, Healthcare and ACA Consultant

Brian Schimming, Registered Lobbyist, Midwest Strategy Group, Madison

Michael Brozek, Registered Lobbyist, Midwest Strategy Group, Madison

Buck McAlpin, Legislative Advocacy Consultant, Email

Dana Sechler, Legislative Support, Email

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