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1.  PAAW conducted the third annual "Stars of Life" recognition program in the state capitol.  Stars each received recognition from their peers and also received a citation from Governor Doyle describing the reasons for this special recognition - service to their communities above and beyond the normal call of duty.


2.  The state Senate and Assembly passed unanimously Senate Joint Resolution 83 which recognizes the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin (PAAW) and its members for their efforts in delivering excellence in ambulance services in meeting the medical transport needs of citizens in the communities they serve.   The Joint Resolution also acknowledges the significance of the "Stars of Life" program. 


3.  PAAW worked with the state legislature and introduced companion bills, Senate Bill 373 and Assembly Bill 679, relating to set-offs against tax refunds for debts related to providing ambulance services - Tax Refund Interception Program (TRIP).  Senate Bill 373 was voted unanimously out of committee, but died in the Joint Finance Committee where a number of bills last session met an untimely demise.  PAAW will work to re-introduce these bills early in the next legislative session.  


4.  PAAW also supported Senate Bill 379 and Assembly Bill 717, relating to fire safety performance standards for cigarettes, which passed through the legislature and was signed into law by Governor Doyle.  


5.  PAAW lobbied successfully to secure the reappointment to the state EMS Board of key leaders in the organization and in the field of emergency medical services in the state.  


6.  PAAW has enjoyed success in its continuing effort to gain recognition in the state capitol as the association which best represents the interests of emergency medical professionals in Wisconsin.

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